Family of military service members here. Been with USAA, WPCU, and NFCU for years.


My youngest son (18 year old firefighter/college student with a 4.0 GPA, also a C/Major in CAP locally) had a commercial box truck pull out in front of him while he was on his way to college on 22-Oct. Airbags did their job, Emergency response was great (especially because he's one of them), and given the circumstances, we could not have asked for a better outcome. I was travelling TDY when the accident occurred. I touched down in Chicago to an immediate phone call from my wife informing me of the accident. I flew on to Seattle wondering if my son would be OK. Again, with thanks to God and country, he was fine.


USAA Insurance jumped into the fray and took great care of us. Declared the car (a 2011 Ford Edge) a total loss. Kept in contact with us every step of the way. Is working with the commercial truck driver's insurance to get reimbursed. Gave us enough of a settlement to not only pay off the loan on the 2011 Edge, but also have 5k down on a newer replacement vehicle... also, the 125% of vehicle value thing with the insurance plan is 1000% worth it. It made a huge difference, in my opinion.


..... and this is where, proverbially  the wheels fell off the bus.


We went to finance the next (used) vehicle through USAA Auto Loan Finance, and with both myself and my son on the loan, got turned down in less than 30 seconds. It stated that it could not verify our identity. Actually, more accurately, it could not identify my son's identity. We called in to USAA Auto Loans, and they explained that there must be some discrepency between the information USAA has and the information that Experian has. They suggested we contact Experian and work through the problem.

We got the problem straightend out with Experian. We made sure they had exactly the same name, social security number, and birthday for my son as what USAA has. Per USAA's advice, we asked that the change be cleared at Experians "back office", which they confirmed they did.


We reapply for the loan. We get declined in 30 seconds. Same exact problem. We call USAA. They transfer us to the resolution team, who tells us exactly the same thing the person 1.5 weeks ago told us. He can't do anything. He's powerless. It's the computer. We have to find the discrepency between USAA and Experian.


We call USAA, the Banking side of the business. Sure enough, they find a discrepency from when my son was a youth member, and they fix it. We wait two days, and we re-re-appy. SAME RESULT.


I call in and try to get to someone higher than the resolution team. They won't transfer me further up the line. They say that a number of members are having this problem over the last few weeks and they are working with Experian to resolve the problem. But they will not take ownership of our problem, our situation, our case. No one wants to care about it on USAA's end. WE have to figure it out, even though it's not OUR error.


I even asked the guy to email up the chain for me to highlight our situation and ask for a resolution. I told him they were free to call me night or day to work with me on the problem. Nothing. No answers. No resolution. No ownership. It's a total waste of time, not to mention the fact that they now have made three hard inquiries against my credit and my son's credit. Yep, you read that right -- Experian sees their inquiries and can give us the dates of those inquiries, so this is definitely not an "identity" issue.


I'm very disappointed in this process. USAA is so much better than this on other aspects of their business. We are now looking to finance a newer vehicle with whatever we can get from the dealership, because my son has now been without a car for a month... making getting to college and the fire station a real problem.


This makes me wonder about other USAA products. This makes my son lose confidence in the membership system of banking, when even members aren't trusted and cannot get to a live person with the authority to solve their issue. I've already seen where people are saying the car buying service was a problem. Is that what's next in our future? We'll see.



-One p*ssed off dad.


Hello @anomaly0617, I do appreciate you reaching out to us today although I regret to hear of the circumstances. I'm glad to hear your son was fine as I'm sure that was a very concerning phone call to receive. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area. Once reviewed they will contact you, we do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily