I just wanted to share my experience with Hall Ford/Lincoln in Newport News, VA.  I had done my homework, and contacted Hall Ford and everything seemed to be going well, untill I saw the deal worksheet proposed to me by Carl Jones, their Sales Manager.  I noticed that his price wasn't what was on my printout.  I pointed this out, and then he came back with a slightly lower price, still not the USAA price.  Again I brought that to his attention, and he would not budge on the guranteed price.  I am not sure if that was his doing, or that he had some sort of higher directive.  I did not end up buying at this dealership, nor did I even end up purchasing the car that I was negotiating about.  I was looking for a 2014 Ford Focus ST, and ended up buying a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T from Tysinger Hyundai in Hampton, VA.  They honored the USAA price, and bent over backward to make me satisfied.  Kudos to Tysinger Hyundai, nuts to Hall Ford. 

I wasn't sure how to go about reporting a USAA recommended dealer not honoring their end of a deal, but I thought that this would a good place to start.



I had a similar experience from a dealer in Houston (Planet 59 Ford). However, we did not make it that far in the deal. I had found a new 2014 F-150 advertised on Autotrader for a very low price. I went ahead and got approved for USAA financing for that vehicle and made the call to the dealership. They initially told me the price was legit and that I should apply for 0% financing through Ford Credit. I submitted my application online and after receiving the confirmation called the dealer back. They now told me that I didn't qualify for 0% but they could still get me close to that through their "network". They also now informed me that the advertised price was a mistake and it was only for companies making fleet vehicle purchases. I argued for awhile with them over the phone and eventually got up the chain to their "general manager" who said they would make it right. Long story short, they never did make it right and are still advertising vehicles at unrealistically low prices to get people in the door. I ended up happily buying a leftover but still new 2013 F-150 from Philpott Ford in Nederland, TX. They were awesome and got me everything I asked for and even stayed late on a Saturday evening so I could make the drive up from Corpus Christi and seal the deal.
In short, if it looks too good to be true.... It probably is.

Same here. We attempted to buy a vehicle today. To avoid the toilsome price negotiations that often come with buying a car, we chose to utilize USAA's car buying service and received a guaranteed price certificate for $30,670 for a vehicle on a USAA certified dealer's lot. We then contacted the dealer who gave us some more information on the car, including a price that did not match the USAA guaranteed price. This was expected because we assumed USAA negotiates the price ahead of time with their certified dealers. To be certain, we then provided the dealership with the guaranteed price certificate so they they could confirm that they would honor the USAA guaranteed price. They confirmed in writing that they would. We then arranged a time to meet and finalize the purchase. Prior to arriving at the dealership, we researched the trade in value for our 2002 Yukon XL and found that is was worth just over $5000 as a trade in. Once we arrived, we checked out the vehicle and realized that it did not have several of the features that were stated by the dealer in their literature. Their video stated that it had a sunroof and DVD system, their written description said it had a navigation system, and their correspondence sent to me by their representative said it was the "Denali" trim package. It had NONE of these things. We then began talking with the used car sales manager, Jeff, who quoted us a price $5000 higher than our guaranteed price while low balling our trade in at less than half the trade in value. When we re-presented him with the guaranteed price certificate and actual trade in value, he refused to honor or recognize either of them. When we informed him of the discrepancies in the literature, he made no attempt to adjust value for them. We understand that this was a good price, however, we confirmed the price, several times in fact, presented the price guarantee several ways and were prepared to purchase the vehicle on the spot, despite it missing several key features. But instead of driving home in a vehicle where we paid the advertised price, we left frustrated. Jeff became rude and even turned his back on us as we spoke to him. He let us know that he had only been there for two weeks and would not lose his job over a negotiation on a $36,000 car.  The frustrating part is, we didn't even want to negotiate! That's why we used the USAA car buying service and were willing to pay the asking price on the guaranteed price certificate! We walked in with an agreed upon price, backed by a guarantee from a major national bank, and this dealership raised the price by $5000 on a vehicle that contained fewer then the listed features and low balled our trade in!!!

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I have shared your stories with the appropriate teams, in hopes to get some of these issues resolved. I am sorry the car buying services did not work out as planned.

Is there a better place to report unhonored prices?  I had a similar experiance today (thankfully I contacted the dealer before driving the 60 miles to find out they were not going to honor thier price).

This is the right place! If you would like an additional outlet, please feel free to send the details (and the dealership information) here. Thank you!

Hi, I am havign the same issue with a dealership. The dealership is 80 miles from where we live so we have been talking via email to confirm the deal before making the trip to purchase. They agreed via email to a trade in value then when i sent him the USAA certificate his price is over $4000 more!!! What is the point of having these dealers if they dont honor the price?



I am having a team member reach out to you in order to further assist. Thank you.

Did this get fixed because I am going threw this now.

@Me94, I'd like to learn about your situation. Can you share what is happening? ~DC