Same here, at Five Star Ford in Warner Robins Georgia. they never said they would not honor the garanteed price, but they omitted and misrepresented the details, so that once we recieved the dealer worksheet the price was no were near the guaranteed USAA price. I belive they are using the USAA service to get people to come in, and once there they do everything possible to get additional money for the vehicle. I was under the impression they had alread agreed to the stated price, but that seems to be just a ploy. lesson learned, if I ever us USAA car buying service again, I still have to go through the negotiation and hard sell tactics.

I am not a big fan of using a public forum to vent my dissatisfaction but it seems like that is the only way to report dishonest dealers. 


I was trying to negotiate with Toyota dealer in VA Beach. When I spoke to them on the phone they said they honor USSA Pricing.  They sent me an invoice of a truck they had in stock. I went on to USSA car purchasing and built the truck to match the invoice.  When I asked for the price they offered me higher than the USSA Price.  I emailed them and informed them of their mistake expecting them to correct the price they would not budge from their originally stated price.   

Hi Crash78,


Thank you for reaching out in Community. I will get a representative to review this and reach out to you in order to address your concerns. 

This seems like an ongoing trend.  Joe Cooper Ford in Oklahoma is not honoring the certificates either.   I'd really recommend USAA reevaluate it's partnership with TrueCar.   This feels like it's simply a bait and switch, or false advertising to specifically stated "Guaranteed Savings"  certificates.


While not being an attorney, it feels like it's happening to a large class of people, and not simply an occasional dealer. 

Thank you for the post Darint and thank you for the feedback on the 2 posts, we will send this to the apropiate department for review and consideration. - Ralph 

Thanks Ralph, I had a TrueCar rep call me today and quite simply and rather frankly said nothing can be done, the fine print between the dealerships and TrueCar allows the dealer to change their mind.  


What a GIANT waste of time and effort, not to mention faith in USAA products.   I really would stress USAA review this agreement, while you maybe making tons of money from TrueCar, it's the same old slippery sales techniques practiced in the past, just revamped for the 20th century and now giving USAA a bad name along with them. 

Darint, Thank you for your follow-up. I will be forwarding your feedback of your recent outcome for review. This is not the experience we want for your members and will be looking into this further. ~ Lori

It's really sad this is a problem. 


When first at the dealership, I mentioned that I was a USAA member, and they gave me a really low discount. When I told them that even their dealership had emailed me a better discount, they didn't believe me "said they called." Of course, the price was verified. I presented my guaranteed certificate to the dealership, and they said they'd honor it. Then they right at the end they bumped up the price. We spent six hours at a dealership, with nearly everything completed and then were plastered with a slightly lower discount price. In my case it was something like 100 bucks, and so nearly all the numbers were the same. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the discount was off. 


I'm 90% satisfied with the car buying service, but not satisfied that USAA doesn't have more control over how their members get their guaranteed price. 


I went through Larry H. Miller Honda Murray in Utah. 



Having same problem. USAA should remove this dealer. Where do I file a complaint?

Hello, @Phone I. We greatly appreciate your sharing your feedback via the USAA Community. Can you send us a DM regarding the dealer you were experiencing this issue with as well as details regarding your situation with them? To send a DM, click on your name in the upper right corner and then the envelope icon. Thank you in advance. :) ~ Steven