After over 20 years of loyalty to USAA, I have been advised they are dropping my auto policy due to several recent but minor accidents by me and my spouse. 4 in 5 years. The payouts totaled way less combined than one major accident. I have ALL (homeowners, etc.) insurance through USAA, but I cannot trust them any longer. My auto policy underwriter told me It was her decision and it was final with no appeal process available to me. BUT she could send me to another company who could help me. Apparently Liberty Mutual. I laughed inside... I wondered if she moonlighted for Liberty mutual... WOW. My long-standing commitment to USAA held no weight.


@RL334, I am terribly sorry to hear about your concerns regarding your auto policy. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist. Please allow them 2-3 business days to review your situation and reach out to you.

Wow but not surprised. A friend of mines that's been a member for years ran into same problem. He said USAA is a great institution until you need help. Unfortunately I haven't experienced anything like you or my friend but I hope they work out out.

And I bet they took thousands from you before you had the accidents right?  I'd bet it's way more than they paid out, too. 


Yep--they raised my premium so significantly ($4k for the next 5 years) due to one citation and one accident both given to one driver.  I kept asking the agent:  "twenty thousand dollars?"  Silence.  It's good they dropped you so you can go with someone who gives a darn (can't swear on this site). 

@Buster95, I'm sorry to hear your disappointment with our rates and service. We aim to provide quality products and exceptional service to all of our members every time. I'm sharing your comments with the appropriate area which will help us to improve. I appreciate you reaching out. -Paula 

I guess that Monday is the deadline for the escalated response.  Since dates are not published here i have no idea which Monday they are talking about. I suspect the response is now overdue.  Surprise, surprise!  Take it from are better off going with another company.  One that cares about their customers.  I would not however go with Liberty.  Check them out on the BBB and rating sites.  They are worse than USAA, believe it or not!