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UPDATE:  (March 3) I went to the ATM, card is still shut down.  Called customer service, they were extremely rude.  I explained the cicurmstances and they "hung up."  At this time I am in Mexico City with no access to MY money from my debit account - I asked for the employees ID, they hung up.  THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MEXICO CONTINUES. 


USAA discriminates against ANYTHING to do with Mexico. I am a expat living in Mexico City for 3 years. Since I have moved here USAA willfully discriminates agains ANYTHING to do with Mexico. This is a fact because I have lived in 2 foreign countires and never have been targeted as I am now. USAA repeatedly shuts down my debit card (randomly because I have a nexus to Mexico). I have literally "pleaded and begged" them to stop this constant harrasment because I live here. USAA employees told me repeatedly that Mexico (the entire country is a corrupt) and that Mexican risk of theft is "high." I find that ignorrant and racist because I live in Polanco, Mexico, one of the "wealthiest" parts of the world with roads lined with Ferraris and AMG Mercedes.


What happened: (March 2) This evening I went out and triend repeatedly to withdraw approximately $100.00 (US) or 2000 MX pesos. My card was blocked, even though I have plenty of money in the account. I called USAA while in a taxi and waited approximately 30 minutes for costomer service. They immediately wanted to veryfy me. They requested my SSN which I gave them. They requested the last 4 of my primary phone on file which I gave them. They requested to send a TEXT to that number, at which time I advised them I am using my Mexico cell phone and that I do not have access to that phone (I only carry the MX line in Mexico). They asked for more verification, specifically the last 4 digits of my debit card which I gave them. They then asked for the last 4 digits of my credit card which I gave them. Originally, they only wanted 2 Items for verification and continued "to discriminate" against me because I was calling from Mexico. They then asked me to pull out my debit card and advise the month, day and year of expiration which I gave them. They tthen asked for the 3 digit security code on the back which I gave them. At that time, I was in shock because of the blatent discrimination by USAA employees. I begged them to reactivate the card at which time they said it was "blocked" and that I would have to call back. The employee then hung up on me......PURE DISCRIMINATION! I have been dealing with this same issue for 3 years, it still continuews to this day.


Hello @Titothedog, I am very sorry to hear of the issues you are having. I have escalated your concerns for further review. -Colleen