USAA Climate Action Guidance in step with The Pentagon

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When will USAA begin to seriously begin communicating climate action to the membership?  How many more dire warnings from the Scientific Community must be delivered before all insurance companies and banks begin taking quick action to combat global warming before it is too late?  If all the ice of the world in the glaciers and polar ice caps melt the sea will rise 220 feet from today. This will render Florida and Louisiana as well as about 50 miles inland of US Coasts under water.  The Pentagon is making great headway if not stimied by the Legislative Branch on going Green as it is saving troops lives.  If it is safe for a Battle Field it is probably safe for your back yard.  The State of Georgia is leading the Nation now in Military Solar and has 6 large military bases with 30,000 KiloWatts of Solar on them, except the USAF BAse South of Macon, GA which wanted and recieved 139,000 KiloWatts.      
Here is another quick example considering how many USAA Members are buying new cars each day:

Electric ⚡️ Transportation


100% pure EVs fuel for about $200-$300 a year, are full every morning when plugged into a 220/240 Volt Outlet at bed, have about 90% less maintenance than dirty inefficient Internal Combustion, and many States like AZ offer significant discounts on license plates(95% off for a HOV Anytime Blue Sky Plate). Tesla's can drive Coast to Coast and well beyond for free with Telsa Super Chargers and Destination Chargers  



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