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Bait and switch. After searching for the exact car I wanted, I received an email from a dealer saying that they had the car with a guaranteed savings of $7500. I was sent an offer that included $3500 in USAA Certified Dealer Discount, $1500 in Bonus Cash (which I was told everyone gets), and $2500 if I financed through GM. However when I went to the dealer, they said it was a qualifying offer that included Customer Loyalty and several other qualifiers that didn’t apply to me. They refused to give me specifics, and just started saying “etc., etc., etc.” when I’d ask for details. Claiming they don’t even work with USAA anymore. Very frustrating. I ended up buying they exact vehicle they sent to me, but I feel like I should be owed a great deal of money, because they simply lied about the discount not being applicable. If they don’t work with USAA anymore, they wouldn’t have been able to send an email to me after I used TrueCar via USAA. It’s been 4 days since my purchase. Considering take some sort of action tomorrow to see if I can get some of that money back.


Hello @Eliot RN, we have already responded to your previous post regarding this. Your concerns have been forwarded. -Colleen

When you do a search on “auto dealer discounts” there are 221 results. There do not appear to be too many members who qualify for the advertised discounts. One would think if you are a USAA member then you qualify.

“Eliot RN”: Please keep us updated.

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