I would like to know what it means to be a "USAA Certified Car Dealer".  The dealers listed seem to be a wide range of Manufacture based dealers to corner lot dealers.  There are a few complaints about them such as misrepresenting cars offered for sale (specs and kbb value) which I think the buyer should do his own research anyways.  What does USAA Certified offer in the way of:


1.  Already negotiated price?

2. Protection from fraudulant representation - I once purchased a vehicle that had been in an accident - not reported on carfax and had to go through the hassle of DMV investigation which I won. (Not a USAA Cert dealer at the time)

4.  What else might it mean?


Some of the dealers listed look pretty shadey.





Don' know about shady, but when you use the service, you get three quotes. Fir me, all three quotes are from dealers more than 100 mikes from my house. There are mote than three dealers within ten mikes of my house, and I don't know how many more within 100 miles. And when yo are contacted by the dealers, they never have the car or truck I "build" online. They offer to order it for me. But I can do that for myself. I can save some money, but it means multiple trips to some stranger dealer 100+ miles away....where I would have to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants to make the order, go back to pick up the car, and take it there to get the often-offered "freebies" like oil changes, alignments, etc. The savings disappear rapidly. The dealers to date do a lot of "bait and switch"!