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Buying with USAA now has become worse than sitting in the dealership all day. Ive always received the best rate with whoever I went with. After hours on the phone today and thinking this to be the case again something changed. USAA representive kept promising it was because of the car buying service application. After I called back and spoke with another reprensitive, was told that the first person was quoting bad information. Requested to speak with a supervisor. Spoke with a supervisor by the name of Steve in Phoenix who need s to find another job other then representing USAA. I stopped using USAA insurance years ago because of the rudness and now its time to look for another home for all my banking needs, USAA has lost its way! 2 hours and 51 minutes of wasted time. By the way, I was approved but will move the loan before the ink dries tonight. Good riddance USAA!!!


I'm sorry to hear of this experience, @Abrown404. This is not what our members should expect. I will have this forwarded to a subject matter expert for review. ~ Samantha

Lets hope for more then a review. Go back and listen to the phone conversations and make it right. Words have actions. Will continue posting until this have been resolved. Why is it so hard to get in touch with USAA managers? Are they hiding from their responsibilities and just collecting pay checks? Asked and was denied for the managers information 3 seperate times today. Tired of the USAA headaches if managers dont want to manage!