USAA’s car buying tool is powered by TrueCar, who has come against the NRA! As a veteran who is an NRA member, I want USAA to stand with their customer base and sever ties with TrueCar! Who agrees?


“Not I, said the little Brown duck”.  Of course, the little brown duck likely didn’t want shot by an NRA gun-loving cretin.  If the NRA ever went back to its founding principles, it wuyld br free from “attacks”.  But in its current form, I would refuse to use any company I find supporting or servicing the NRA.  So go away, snowflake.  When Tiny signed thne executive order easing restrictions on selling guns to people with mentsal issues, he was doing so IAW NRA requests/advice.  Now attacking gun sales to people with mental isue as being the root cause why 17 died in Florida... Tiny, nthe NRA, and gun-loving cretins deserve all the negatives they receive.  So NO!  As a veteran with 30 years in combat boots ana a USAA member since 1971: you do NOT represent true veterans...esp[cially since you obviosluy believe in free speech and free entereprise.   Are you a Russian bot here to divide Americans, or just a fooool?  Tovarich?

I agree with you. I think that there is an incredible oppertunity for veterans and the NRA to work together to better this situation. Alot of businesses have come out against NRA members trying to hurt the base membership. But they only hurt themselves by attacking law abiding citizens who are standing up for their rights.

 My understanding of the NRA is that a large demographic of it is Military and Poilce. That being said I belive that a large portion of USAA Members are probably NRA members. This gives USAA an advantage, they can offer similar discounts for services like the rental cars, and NRA Credit Cards and  really make the most of the situatuion at hand becuase most of the USAA members understand and perhaps appreicate the NRA. Just a thought.