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I purchased a new truck a week ago. I had previously used USAA Car buying service twice before, once in 2015 and again last year and had no problems. I applied for the loan and was told what the APR was and that I would receive a 1/2 percent reduction in the rate by using the dealer that the car buying service recommended.

But this time, I received the "final" loan document and the interest rate did not reflect the discount. So I immediately contacted USAA and was told I needed to wait 5 days for the interest rate to adjust. I find that odd since they had the exact amount of the loan from the dealer that was recommended so why were they not able to put two and two together and see I used their recommended dealer from the Buying Service?

I decided to escalate the issue and was transferred to the "executive resolution team". There I got the same song and dance and the customary thank you for your 45 years with USAA. I was told I had to wait for the "back office" to complete their process which can take five days. What ever happened to making a quick call to the back office to expedite the issue? So now I will wait until 24 July and see what happens. I have genearally been pleased with USAA over the years and hate to think I might have to move my checking, savings, insurance, brokarage accounts to other companies.


Hello and thank you for sharing your concern regarding the rate adjustment. We certainly appreciate your patience and sorry for any inconvenience our rate adjustment process may be causing you. Please rest assured our funding department will make sure the appropriate adjustment is applied to your annual percentage rate based on your purchase using the Car Buying Service. We certainly hope this process doesn't cause you reconsider your overall relationship with us and please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you!

This seems to a norm with USAA. Think some bait and switch might be going on. Was told for hours I would get the best APR they had to offer. After my credit check, the same thing. This went on until I spoke with a diffrent rep who said the 1st rep made a mistake. I have great credit based off your (USAA) credit page/score?? Feel that you mislead people and hope that the wasted time will force a person to sign a higher APR so you can make more money. Shame on you USAA, you have become money grabbers!!!

@Abrown404, This is concerning to read and is not the experience we want for our members. I will be forwarding your post for review and once review is completed you will be contacted.       ~ Suzy

Was told this morning that it would be taken care of by close of business today (24 Jul). Still showing the rate that does not reflect the 1/2% discount I was promised for using USAA Car buying service.

So I will call again tomorrow.... This is really getting old

This isn't how customer service is supposed to work. After 45 years with USAA I am thinking of taking business to companies that appreciate me.

@ Carl O, Thank you for checking back. I am going to forward your post for review. Once review is completed you will be contacted. ~ Suzy

I have now been informed that I have to wait an additional 24-48 hours before I should see my updated interest rate.

we shall see.....

This morning I was told its still being researched. Ths is the 4th person I've spoken with and none of them can tell me when it will be resolved. I'm so disgusted with USAA.

@Carl O, I can confirm that your concerns were elevated earlier this week. A voicemail was left for you yesterday, advising the research was underway. Regrettably, we are unable to provide an exact time frame for resolution. The subject matter expert will conduct a follow-up with you after thoroughly reviewing the situation. I realize that you have been waiting several days for resolution, and I appreciate your continued patience. ~DC 

Going on week 3 with no resolution in sight