USAA Car buying service - anyone else used it?

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Not really even sure what topic category to put this in -- maybe this is common knowledge I'm just an idiot for not realizing this.

It being year end, and I'm being a bit optomistic that I could take advantage of a dealer needing to move a truck off the lot that fit my partuclar need, I started looking around and knowing that I could get a few points shaved off a loan if I used the USAA car buying service started looking there too.


The marketing material on the web site USAA prominently displays about the car buying service it in no way comes aross as a _cost_ to the USAA members, hidden or otherwise.   Perhaps this is just one dealership and not a general practice, but I found a truck I was interested in, and managed to compare the offer on the dealerships website and the offer through the USAA car buying service.  The price quoted for the USAA Car Buying Service was $2,685 higher.


So much for serving the community. 


Car salesmen and bankers, what can you expect? 

I'll be that's how lawyers came about! :)



You can do much better than the USAA car buying price. 

USAA's car buying service is awful.  USAA continues to circle the drain.

@John C in VA, I am very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with the car buying service. I will forward your feedback regarding this. -Colleen