Seller beware!!  The car selling service offered by USAA through TrueCar warrants serious scrutiny by USAA and it's members.  On two separate occasions, I have submitted a request through the service to have a dealer make an offer on our vehicle.  The vehicle, a 2013 VW Golf with extremely low mileage and in mint condition, is valued at slightly over $15,000 for the trade-in value and over $18,000 for a retail value (figures provided by USAA).  I assumed that a trustworthy dealer would submit a legitimate offer somewhere in the range of the $15,000 mark.  The first offer submitted by one of the service's "trusted" dealers was so low ($9000 to be exact) that USAA did not even notify me within 24 hours as advertised (I had to call them).  The second offer received from a dealer was $2,500 below the trade-in value.  I understand that these dealers are out to get the best deal possible, just like all of us.  However, these two offers clearly show that the dealers are more than willing to take advantage of USAA members.  I would not recommend this service to any member.  It is a rip-off.  I hope that USAA thoroughly reviews the car selling service and changes it in a way that protects the member.  If not, stop the service.  It is a disservice to members.  The difference with USAA has always been integrity, service, quality products and member protection.  Is it just me or is this slipping away??



Thank you for talking the time to share your experience. I have passed along your feedback about the TrueCar selling services. If you would like an additional outlet to share your thoughts, you can fill out this form. Thanks again for posting.