I recently listed a car on the USAA Car Selling service after I notified USAA that I was moving overseas. Multiple employees mentioned that I should use their service to sell my vehicle. After listing my vehicle, I did a few tests with friends to find my car. I noticed that car dealers always showed up and private sellers (aka USAA members) did not. Even though I set the zip code to buy as my small town with other specific filters, it was populating with car dealers over 25 miles away. I contacted USAA, and they referred me to Truecar. We shared two emails and their representative told me I had to turn on privately listed cars in a buried filter menu for any USAA members sellers to appear. Essentially, dealers get preference in the USAA car buying service. This service contradicts the company's claims to put its members first. I'm extremely disappointed in not only the service but how they responded to my multiple inquiries. I would not recommend car sale services to any member.


I am sorry to hear of your experience @CC91 and forwarding your comments and concerns for review. We appreciate your patience as your account and concerns are being reviewed and this area will be contacting you once this has been completed. ~Joseph

Thanks. I have already spoken with 2 USAA individuals about the service which resulted in me speaking to a True Car representative that said, "Currently, this is how the site is set up. We are aware of this issue. I will also process your feedback and submit it to the correct channels." I look forward to hearing back from someone with a solution. Until then, I'll be sure to pass along to other USAA members to avoid the service. Thanks for the help!