USAA Car Insurance Monthly Premium discount 20% during Covid is a joke

USAA Car Insurance Monthly Premium during Covid is a joke, 20% discount starting next month? Really? So, we have not been able to drive ours cars for all of March, likely all of April but they want you to pay 80% of your bill? In what world does that make sense or help people? Especially if you lost your job due to covid. It should be the other way around, 80% discount while we are in a stay-at-home mandate! Not sure how its even legal, so they increase your rates when more accidents and more traffic, now they should automatically reduce rates the same way they increase them. I should at least be able to inactivate 2 of 3 cars and the 1 car i use to go to grocery store or pharmacy should be at a discount. This is just corporate greed, taking advantage of loop holes in policy during National crisis. Time to consider another car insurance company and bank.


Try Geico...they so far are giving 0% back!  Or maybe another company like the General where at least you can say that even though you got nothing back, you still managed to have Shaquille O'neal as your paid endorser!

According to USA Today


Liberty Mutual and Safeco auto insurance customers will receive 15% refunds on two months of their premiums


Geico said auto and motorcycle policyholders will receive a 15% credit. The auto insurer estimates the benefit to its customers will be worth about $2.5 billion


Allstate announced it would return $600 million in premiums to customers. The company said most policyholders will get back 15% of their premium in April and May.  The credit will arrive either to their bank, credit card or Allstate account.

If you shop these other companies, maybe you can save 40% for better coverage like I did.  So what sense is getting a refund when you a way overpaying?  Also, the company I switched to is giving money back.

Your feelings are very common however you will find the same business practices for any insurance company because that's just how it works. USAA is the best company for many reasons and not just for car insurance and it wouldn't be wise to leave. I'm an insurance consumer, a 20yr employee of the industry (different company) and a vet. USAA is fantastic.
Good luck with other companies. Let us know where you got a better deal. You might even get some $$ from your USAA subscribers account; maybe not because Everyone is getting 20% reduction for next 2 months.

I challenge you to find a better car insurance and all around insurance company than USAA.  Try a little GRACE during this time.  

The comment in USAA's announcement states that recent increase in monthly rates is "due to accidents on the road".  Well that's not my or alot of other drivers fault.  I put my phone down when I drive unlike alot of others who have their head "down in phone" and drive right into the back of cars in front of them going up to 80 mi/hr.   Or come to a dead stop in the left lane in the middle of Houston's 290 commute traffic again moving at 75-80 miles to check social media! We who drive responsible shouldn't have to pay such high monthly premiums for their reckless behavior.  Could you imagine all the pilots in the military flying their planes with heads down in social media/email when the enemy is heading straight for them?  I don't think so!  So now we are locked down and lost alot of jobs right now and we are offered a 20% break for 2 months when gov't is saying it may take over a year or more to recover.  I am grateful for the 20% but you did bring up another issue of more accidents that needs urgent addressing, cell phones on road.  Please re-think this please USAA.  Retirement doesn't have big increases to compensate for this.

Well I must say I agree partially with your comment but USAA does still have better rates all around. I don't quite understand why we have to pay for other bad drivers mistakes, when my rate went up last year that's what they told me the reason is. It went up a substantial amount becuse I live in GA where people are cray on the roads. I am proud of how I drive handsfree and I ignore texts until I'm at a safe place to reply because face it 'it really can wait'.  In the spirit of gratitude 20% is better than 0% no matter how you slice it.


Agreed! What is the point of a Great driving record if they go by everyone else. I shouldn't have to pay for others recklessness especially since I have never had any points or accidents with USAA