Today, I went to Anderson Subaru in Pensacola Florida to buy a 2015 WRX.  Anderson Subaru is on your list for certified dealers, and when I went for a test drive a few days ago, they stated they would honor the USAA price on any vehicle.  Well after getting approved for the loan lastnight, I went in to buy the vehicle and finalize the paperwork.  The salesman came back after "talking to his manager", and stated that they would not be able to complete the sale at the price on the certificate, and quoted me a number almost 3,000 over MSRP.  The salesman also stated "they would not entertain the USAA price becuase these cars are our money makers and if we don't sell to you, we can sell it to somebody else for more."   Needless to say, I will not be returning to Anderson Subaru anytime soon, but wanted to inform you all of the downright disrespect shown by a company that is supposedly a certified dealer.  


That's actually pretty common. We've seen the same thing in the past (at a different dealer).

I used USAA Buying Service in October 2012 to buy a Prius and the dealership not only accepted the USAA price, I also "negotiated" a few extras.  I don't know if I was just lucky, assertive or didn't have a clue, but it worked ok for me.  This was with a dealer in Racine, WI.

The sales manager at this dealership is not doing his job! It is unfortunate that this dealership was willing to lose not only a new customer, however, all of the value that one brings; the value of future returns & referrals is worth a heck of a lot more than $3000.00 ! As if car buying is not frustrating enough! You should copy and paste this post in the reviews/rate this dealership, it is available on there website, on Google, & "Yelp" that is a national review- I can tell you from an inside dealership perspective, bad reviews go along way! "Good news travels fast, Bad news travels at lightning speed"

Sorry you and others have had that experience.  We've purchased 2 cars through the USAA Car Buying Services and have been pleased the dealers customer service (who BTW, did honor the price listed on USAA).