I have been a USAA member since 1981 and retired as a LTC.  After buying cars for the past 35 years or so on my own, and haggling with dealerships, this time I thought I'd do something different and I used the USAA Car Buying Service.  Honestly, it far exceeded my expectations.  Almost immediately my inbox was flooded with offers from local dealerships.  I was easily able to compare and contrast the offers. Ultimately It came down to what I would get on my trade-in - and I actually got more than I expected and was able to seal the deal. I saved probably $3500 off MSRP through the service and am happy that everything was right upfront. No hidden fees, etc... Kudos to USAA as you really deserve it. 


 Thank you for sharing your car buying experience Mike. We are so glad you were happy with the car buying service. Thank you for your service and for being a long time member. It is truly our privilege to serve you.