JQ Public



If you want 35 phone calls and 20 emails from local dealers within 3 hours after you just browse to see what is available in you local area...for a used or new car .....THIS IS THE SERVICE FOR YOU!....   I never agreed to be contacted, I didnt ask to be contacted..... I never said I was actually going to buy a car..... I was just looking!!!! USAA used to be a great company with great customer service...now they are just a run of the mill buisness entity....not very helpful, competative or friendly. Pretty terrible of them to pawn folks off on others to be spammed to death for just looking.


@JQ Public, thank you for your feedback regarding our car buying service.  We never want our members to feel this way and are sadden to read your post.  We will submit this for further review and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

So I just recieved a call from customer service stating that I had to "Click a box" with my name and aggreeing to be spamed in order to use the Service.... Go ahead USAA and keep kicking the can down the road...thats not ture...wish i could post screen shots here to show you.... TRUE Car runs the Site.... Number 5 in their terms of service....in the really small print at the bottom of the page....that no one reads... says we agree to be spammed by using the site......TROUBLE IS..... I did not ONCE have to provide my contat or email information so USAA is still wrong for passing it onto TRUE CAR.....  YOU cant protect youe memberships information and value their loyalty in any meaningful way.... I dont need your services... Been with you for almost 20 years.... no worries....the plan to leave and go elsewhere began a few days ago.... I know it dosent mean much in the grand sceme of things but hopefully others will learn from this and maybe they too will vote with their wallets too

@JQ Public, I am so sorry you feel this way and we would hate to see you leave. I am forwarding your concerns to a subject matter expert now. Thank you ~Tom

Couldn't agree more with JQ public - same complaints - last time I used the car buying service in 2010 I got a price and individual quotes on the options and then was able to take it to the dealer and they matched it no problem - just used it again in November '18  and I got bombarded with emails and calls from every dealer in the area when all I wanted was the USAA price  - the dealer package w/financing turned out to be better anyway. Need to go back to the old way so one can get the price w/o the hassle of dealer swarming .


Like most IT/website changes (not improvements), if it doesn't add any value for the customer why do it - just to keep your  IT folks busy or just to keep the customers confused!  getting ready to buy another car and will not use the car buying service - it is  more hassel than it is worth and not a useful product anymore.