I got a car loan through USAA pre-purchase and started looking at dealerships listed in the used car category.  I purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion at Albany Quality Cars, Albany, GA.  $5500.00, 154,000 miles on meter.  I have driven about 3,000 miles with a trip to Texas, in the 40 days since purchase on Dec 28, 2018, and I could not start the car on Fri, Feb 1.  One of the cables was terribly corroded, and I needed a new battery.  While in the shop, it leaked "a significant amount of transmission fluid" on the shop floor.  I had not noticed any leaks, questioned it, but was told the pan under the leak was full.  "It may be cheapest to buy a new transmission, since there is too much play in the cv axle to the transmission".  Is there any recourse to this other than paying for the expensive fix?  I have talked to the company dept head that sold me the vehicle, and he said I bought it "as is".  He did offer to match the cost of the fix and not charge me for the labor.  I'm still waiting for the shop in town to tell me what the "fix" might be and what it might cost.  Very frustrating to expect a company to meet usaa standards and yet not stand behind their sales. 


@Amazon2, We appreciate your reaching out in our member community to discuss your vehicle purchase. I will be happy to forward along your feedback. Thank you. ~ Suzy 

Its sounds like you are being ripped off buy the garage your in if it drove all that way fine .. there is a good chance it be fine getting home .. new battery for a coresive /loose end  is first clue clean it and tighting down (pour a can of Coke on it to remove corision)..Old School.

Second if you drove it in the shop and all of a sudden the trans spilled all fluid out but didnt the whole way there?


unless it was towed in and tow truck hooked the axle and broke the seal! And even then a new seal a few hundred in labour maybe not ne trans..

I sold cars and was a mechanic over 25 years ..

Ive seen it all get another opion on the car.

Before blaming the dealer /based on 1 mechanic if in ran yesterday chances are it willl run today with minor repairs .btw you way over paid for that car ..