Daughter of a decades-long USAA member, I have been an avid fan of all that USAA has provided to me and my family. I have always raved about all services and their superb customer experience. However, I just recently had a nightmare of a time with their car buying service and I am appalled that it is acceptable to USAA. Despite reading horror stories about the dealership I had purchased my car from, I put my full faith in USAA that they wouldn’t steer me wrong. I am not at all concerned about all the money I lost in the process, but rather extremely upset with the character of the dealerships presented to me by USAA. I was cheated and disrespected in more ways than the stereotypical used car dealer image allows for. I beg you, for future customers, please vet the dealers you deal with. Many do not deserve USAA as a partner and will damage the reputation of USAA to even its biggest fans. To everyone else — do not make the same mistake I did. Do not brush off negative vibes or reviews simply because USAA deals with them. There are better resources out there and I am broken-hearted to have to write this post. Extremely disappointed in USAA’s car buying service.


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today @teena1985. I was able to locate your profile, and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for review. Once reviewed they will contact you. I appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily