Hello, I used USAA car buying service two years ago thinking that I’d be well taken care of. I purchased a vehicle that had no warranty on it thinking that if USAA was offering to help sell it then I’d be okay.
After driving off the lot the display lights turned halfway off and never came back on again. I only had my vehicle for 6 months before the long list of problems started to happen. A coil went out, spark plugs, exhaust manifold gasket, radiator cracked, Cadillac converter went out and shortly after that was all fixed my engine started to overheat all the time. I replaced the engine temp sense guage, coolant temp switch, and radiator again. All of that cost me well over 2000$ and the overheating wouldn’t stop. So I took it down to the mechanic again and got 6 other opinions all saying the same thing that in need a new engine. The most consistent price quoted is 3,500$ for a used engine. So that means I bought the vehicle for a little over 13k and currently still owe a little over 10k, I haven’t been able to drive my vehicle for over 8 months and half of the time I’ve had it at the mechanics trying to resolve the issue. By time I pay for the engine to be done it’s as if I spent enough for a new vehicle. I don’t have enough money to fix all these problems and I’ve seeked out the lemon law, voluntarily surrendering my vehicle and getting it fixed and selling it. Either way I loose out on over 8-9k $. USAA hasn’t helped in any way whatsoever and I’ve never been so disappointed before in a company who claims to help provide services to veterans. If anyone knows of anything I can do please help.


Dear Jmite,


Oh no! That is terrible. I am very sorry to hear of the trouble. Regrettably, the car buying service is just that, a service to help you find a car. There is no type of warranty offered unless you have bought and Extended Vehicle Protection plan. For more details, please call us at 800-531-8722. I wish you the best in resolving the issues with your car.

Our local dealerships in San Diego won't honor the USAA prices. One gave us a very low priced and refused to honor it. Who can I complain to get them kicked off the Car Buying referral list? Thanks