Gilroy Toyota in CA would not honor USAA Car Buying Service price unless I buy a prepaid maintenance plan ranging in price from at least $1000 to $2000. The sales manager notified me of this after I asked USAA to fax the loan document to the dealer. The manager told me that he refuses to sell me the car his dealer quoted the USAA Buying Service if I do not buy the costly maintenance plan.

I had to refuse the plan and therefore not buy the 2017 Corolla LE that USAA had arange for. I then had to call USAA and cancel the auto loan and the auto insurance I just set up for the car as I was walking into the office to start the paperwork. The manager told me he would not sell me the car without my purchase of the ridiculously costly plan and told me to go. Total waste of my afternoon today.

What good is using the USAA Auto Buying Service if a dealer can put a contingency like this? Why would I buy a maintenance plan from a dealer 35 miles away?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Junejin. This definitely isn't how the service was intended to function, and I regret the frustration and confusion this created for you. I've sent your feedback and the details you provided to our team that handles the Car Buying Service. Someone will be reaching out to you regarding this situation as soon as the research is completed. - Cathleen