Have been a 27 year member of USAA and have untilized many of the services withgreat success over the years until recently. I just ourchased a 2016 Honda Odyssey 24 Sept 16 from a Honda dealer in Fayettville, North Carolina.  I signed up for the USAA car buying service with a pre-approved check from USAA. The certificate stated that th eprice would be provided at the dealership and it was not listed on the car buying service certificate, strange I thought but assumed from past experience and USAA reputation that it would ok. Feeling confident in USAA backing my purchase and would get a great price anyways, I proceeded to the delaership and negotatied a price and assumed that it was USAA backed. Was never shown the USAA price, discounts if any and after the deal assumed that I received a fair price for the 2016 Honda Odyssey, Feeling unsure about the transaction, I looked up the True Car valus of the Odyssey and it showed 3,200 less than what I just paid for it two days ago. I called USAA true car service number and recieved not much help to getting my questioned answered to if I received a good price for the Odyssey that I just bought 5 days ago. Couldn't answer and was explained that some dealers still do the run around and shuffle the numbers around although I assumed that car buying service ensured that would recieve a fair price. Long story short was referred to the USAA internet sales complaint office to make a valid complaint and after some conversation was told by USAA that three companies ( HONDA, TOYOTA, SUBARU) all can not display prices and this is why it did not come out on the car buying certificate from USAA.  The reason is " One major no-no: advertising a vehicle below the invoice price. That's classified as a Category 1-Type A offense, the worst kind; get three of those in one year, and you lose your marketing assistance, which can be $400 per vehicle for many dealers" The auto makers have imposed restrictions on the delaers and USAA knows this but fails to informs USAA members of thsi slight of hand issue with pricing by HONDA, TOYOTA and SUBARU. USAA understands this is an issue but realizes they do not want to disconnect with these automakers and lose money/opportunites. USAA should stand on principle and protect USAA members or get rid of the car buying service as I would assume most other automakers will hop on the ban wagon in order to protect thier profit margins. As relation to HONDA, TOYOTA and SUBARU automakers, the USAA car buying service is really not a great service for pricing since the dealers are resticted by the automakers and USAA can not back the price thier members receive. 


We have received your feedback and we're truly sorry for your experience with the Car Buying Service. Please know that your feedback is important and not taken lightly. We will make sure your concerns are taken into consideration as we make enhancements or changes to the Car Buying Service in the future. Thank you! - Darrell

It looks like you've been hoodwinked.