USAA Car Buying Service-Beware-Lost Work and No Recourse for Members

Since my purchase of a pickup truck on Aug. 15, 2014, it's been in the service dept. at our local Ford Dealership more than I've driven it. It broke down 12 days after purchase stranding me on the highway. Another 9 days later, the same thing happened. Towing Bills, Car Rental in the interim (3 weeks total) and lost work is putting such a strain on us. After numerous emails and phone calls with USAA's Michelle Johnson and the True Car Buying Service, nothing has changed...only empathy and apologies from USAA which leave us still with a broken vehicle and lost work. The Five Star Ford Dealership in Warner Robins, GA had complaints filed from USAA Members previous to my purchase but I had no way of knowing that in terrible for me to be another guinea pig and get taken by this unethical dealership. And, then to find out that USAA was able to to NOTHING for me, a United States Navy Veteran, to help compensate me or to get something done to help me with this burden. My wife has emailed all the details to USAA and True Car but nothing has help us in this endeavor. Using USAA's Car Buying Service has now caused undue hardship and strain on my business and I've lost or compromised untold thousands of dollars in work with my customers because of this truck purchase from Five Star Ford in Warner Robins, GA. I would appreciate a written response as soon as possible. Thank you, Donald XXXXXXXXX, XX.


Humm, I'm not a lawyer; but USAA helping you on this matter is equivalent to USAA insuring losses in the stock market brokered by USAA. I know you don't want to hear it; but your resolve is with the Better Business Bureau, DEALER and court action.

Did you notice this year that USAA is doing a tremendous amount of ADVERTISING. I believe the real estate market is finely starting to bare down on their investments. USAA is looking for new blood. But new blood returning from Middle East can't get jobs and need school loans. Then the students need cars and there we go. Everyone went nuts about how our country's economy got deep 6. If your car is used; it likely did deep 6 in a flood zone. Perhaps USAA totaled it for a previous owner. But that's what families do to their each other.
...bury each other.
As I mentioned, according to USAA And TRUE CAR, the Five Star Ford Dealership in Warner Robins, GA had 3 complaints filed from USAA Members previous to my purchase but I had no way of knowing that in terrible for me to be another guinea pig and get taken by this unethical dealership. Had USAA made this information available on their website, I would never have driven 8 hours to purchase this vehicle. I would have purchased locally and they would see me in person and have to respond to my repeated requests for help.

Donald A,


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I cannot imagine the stress and frustration this whole situation has caused you. We would like to see if anything else can be done about your situation and request that you please fill out this form. Thank you.


Also, to protect your privacy, I have removed your full name from your previous post.

Hi Briana, my wife and I both have provided all the information possible to Michelle Johnson with USAA through at least 10-12 phone calls and emails to Chantal at True Car during the past 3 weeks. Nothing has come of it. I would love for someone in the senior leadership at USAA to contact us so we can provide our information. As a veteran, I am very worried that military families living near Warner Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA are going to be hoodwinked by the Five Star Ford Dealership. I also strongly believe that USAA should have provided a way for its members to review the comments and complaints filed by other USAA members to True Car about this dealership (and other dealerships in the Car Buying Service) so that we can make informed choices. Thanks, Donald A.

Thank you Donald. I have also escalated your situation and passed along your suggestion for an opportunity to review the dealerships. Please keep me posted if you hear back from Michelle or Chantal.


There is a review section for the car buying service, perhaps you could share your dealership concerns there in case a member in your area is looking at the same dealership.