How do I use the USAA car buying program? 


@AustinInPlano98, great question!  When you select the option to apply for an auto loan, the option to use our car buying service will appear. If you select that option and end up choosing a vehicle you found on our search options, you would be eligible for a reduction on the rate for your loan.  When you are going to close on your loan, you will see the discount applied to your rate.   Please let us know if you have any other questions.  You may also visit to review additional information. ~JM

Do not waste your time with it!
They do not send you to dealership in your community (they sent me info on dealership 1-2hrs (who hound you incensibly) from my home!) and they give your info to them!

Also USAA rates are a joke!! I was quoted a 5% when i have NO DEBT and paid off my 6yr loan in 2yrs, 4yrs ago !

Most dealership are offering 0%!! and when you tell them you are a vet, most will give you a better rebate than USAA!

Hello @2LT US ArmyMed Co..., I understand your fustrations regarding your concerns. We have received your previous post and your feedback has been esclated for further review. -Colleen