USAA Car Buying - Any experience with Carvana Delivery

2019Aug12 - Good day all,


I have a question regarding Carvana and CarGurus for used cars. The USAA website for financing a vehicle shows that 2018 and newer cars are treated as "New" car purchases and have a lower interest rate. The vehicle I'm looking for (Camry or Avalon) is pretty scarce where I live so looking outside of the Detroit Area for more selections is the only way I may find what I am looking for.


  • Do USAA car Loans mesh well with Carvana? How are Trade Ins handled?
  • I live in Detroit but will be traveling down south in September and October to the Atlanta area, and there are more Toyota Options avaialble down south (for some reason). Can anyone recommend a Dealer in the [removed sensitive data] or [removed sensitive data] Zipcodes?