I have been with USAA since I’ve joined the military. They canceled my auto bill for over a $300 bill. Come to find out my name and birth date was used in NY when I wasn’t even close to that state. 3 filings that I wasn’t aware of until I tried to pull my auto insurance card that the state of NY has tickets. I was in MS, station in MS. Debit receipts, PCS it’s, lease and all. So they decided it was best for the company. WOW. Now they are try to charge me with over $2000 UP FRONT premium for something i didn’t do, in a state I want in. Beyond upset.


Hi DeJourni, I can certainly understand being upset, identity theft is not fun, we do have specialists available to help members who have/are experienced/experiencing identity theft. If you call us at 800-531-8722 we can connect you with someone who can help. I can note your USAA account that you reached out via social media regarding this concern, to do so, please send me a PM with your full name and the email or phone number linked to the USAA account. Thank you.

Wow! We have had recent issues with USAA too.  We have such a long history with them that is is so disappointing.  Sorry for your ID theft issues.  So scary and to think that USAA wasn't tracking this. 

@klater, Unfortunately, USAA is not even good at protecting its members from unauthorized charges on their credit cards. It's been like that for some time especially since they went from MC to Visa. They say the benefits were better with Visa, but I beg to differ with them. Well, it no longer matters since I left their CC/banking products almost three years ago after 35+ yrs with them. You should Google "USAA and Stars and Stripes." Very interesting article.