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For the past week, I have been unable to post on USAA community about my direct experiences with USAA.  For several days, USAA completely nonresponsive to multiple emails requesting immediate restoration of right to publicly discuss USAA with other USAA members on USAA community; did not deny censorship (or even respond).  USAA suppression of mmeber free speech has only exacerbated the stress of being screwed over by USAA, which still doesn't care that the only reason that I was even driving my own car was bc foolishly trying to save USAA money.  Or that USAA cost me thousands of dollars in end-of-year carbuying incentives by taking USAA's own sweet time to even see my car (3 weeks) and declare total loss, even though I was repeatedly requesting timely inspecting during first few days after accident in which I was not even at fault.  USAA cares only about USAA -- not member interests, satisfaction, or loyalty; USAA has proven that the latter is totally undeserved.  Just leave USAA before USAA does anything like this to you.  





I was also censored from using the name of the company that USAA directly partners with for RV insurance. It starts with Pro...