Boulder City
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It looks like USAA Car Buying Service "I think they use TruCar" has changed for the worse.  It used to be I could look up the USAA price of the new car without identifying myself (phone # and e-mail address).  I used to be able to research many locations to buy my car from and compare the price.  Now,  I just tried the new USAA service to look at a car price and I received approx 30 test messages and many phone calls from dealers before I ever knew what the price was, very annoying. We may still get a good price using USAA but not as easy as before.


@ Boulder City, Thank you for advising us of your experience with the USAA Car Buying Service. Your feedback is valuable, as we are continually looking for ways to improve our products and services. I am sharing your post with our TrueCar experts. A case manager may reach out to you within the next three business days. ~DC

New service is awful.

USAA - you need to fix this immediately, it is embarrassing and it is not in the spirit of the USAA I’ve known for the past 15+ years. The car buying service used to be useful and was a ‘safe’ space to get good info on vehicles. Now it is simply a lead generator and I don’t think it is appropriate for you all to be giving member information to dealerships.

Thank you so much for reaching out. This is not the experience nor service we want for any of our members, Scott. We are always open to any and all feedback. I will also make sure to send this feedback to TrueCar as well so they are aware.

Thanks is posting. I just tried looming at the car buying service and had the same experience- 25+ calls and text messages in less than an hour. It seems USAA has turned it into a lead generator where they sell your info to dealerships. What a sham. Really disappointed by this- I’ve trusted USAA with keeping my information private for over 15 years, and now it seems as though they just want to make a few extra bucks. Really sad.