So I've never had a single late payment in my life, perfect credit, paid off a loan early and it dropped my credit score by 20 points (to a 765) and USAA won't offer me their "best rate" - about done with this bogus company. I've been a loyal member with over 10 loans with you in 18 years. You are really going downhill fast. If this isn't resolved next week, my family is looking for a new bank.


Hollidizzle, we appreciate you taking the time to post and regret the frustration and disappointment this has caused for you. I am engaging a team of subject matter experts to review your concerns and follow-up with you. Your membership and concerns are important to us. We look forward to speaking with you. -Meredith

They have nothing to do with your credit score.It what in your credit report that make the score drops 20 get the best rates you need 800 score