Date of Loss 1/14/2020. 


Driver in his mom's car ran into the side of my 2010 Audi A8L (All aluminum).  Other driver declared "at fault driver" on the scene by police and was ticketed.


1/22/2020 - My attorney sends notice to USAA


1/24/2020 - Daniel B, USAA Auto Appraiser, inspects my vehicle.


During the inspection, Daniel B behaved suspiciously, and did not include all of the damages in the estimate until I pointed it out. Daniel B then recommended I take my Audi A8 to a USAA approved shop. I asked if they were Audi certified to work on an A8L. He told me that Audi's were not that special and anyone could work on them. He then wrote the initial estimate $3,400.37 and put his USAA approved repair shop at the top of the estimate.


Important Note: Audi A8L's are all aluminum and require certification to repair, which means they are actually special contrary to Daniel B claim. Not everyone can work on them as Daniel B suggested. And, during a time of loss, that's the worst thing an adjuster can say to a car owner and auto enthusiast. It is just bad customer service and bad business. The shop Daniel B recommended had only recently received their Audi certification and based on my conversation with them had never repaired an Audi A8L. This did not give me confidence in their ability to repair my vehicle.


Beginning of February 2020, I took my car to my chosen repair shop. Daniel B continued to make statements regarding the vehicle to my repair shop, e.g., "Anyone can work on this car." My repair shop advised me Daniel B was a “disrespectful a-hole" who refused to authorized the repair rates. 


Daniel B told me I would have to pay the difference in rates the repair shop charges and rates he would approve.


Repair shop notified me the repair would be approximately $11k


Late February 2020 Daniel Blackmon visits the collision center to "reinspect" my car and take photos. He told the repair shop, "I don't know it looks like it could be totaled but, I have to run the numbers."


No further contact from Daniel B to collision center or from Daniel B to me.


2/27/2020 - I receive a call from a tow truck operator that they are having trouble picking up my 2010 Audi A8L, to which I ask, "for what?" and to which the tow truck operator replies, "your car is totaled and I'm taking it to USAA." I informed the tow truck operator no one contacted me, and no one is taking my care, period!


I contact Daniel B and asked what his problem was. He lied and claimed he told the repair shop the car was totaled. He did not. And who cares even if he did, Daniel B was obligated to tell me (the insured). Daniel B was a disrespectful a-hole with me on that call. He told me that I needed to call him back when I calmed down. I advised he needed to have a superior contact me because he tried to steal my car.


Lauren T, Daniel B boss, called me and advised me that this whole process "happens automatically." I advised her that Daniel B broke the law and tried to steal my car. He put my VIN in as totaled and sent a tow truck to have my car stolen from the collision center without notifying me of his actions or giving me the option to decide to either give USAA my vehicle or retain it. He violated my rights. She agreed that he should have advised me first, and then started sending me documents, including an ACV assessment and other items that should have been provided to me before Daniel B decided to send a tow truck to steal my vehicle from the repair shop.


I go to the collision center and retrieve my vehicle. Immediately after, I visit the local police department who advises this was theft by deception. The officer told me he preferred me to work things out with USAA corporate first before filing a police report. 


Though Lauren T has been helpful, the ACV assessment was dangerously low, requiring me to invoke the appraisal clause and hire an independent appraisal. 


My appraiser conducted a fair and accurate valuation of my vehicle.


USAA's chosen appraiser did not provide a fair and accurate valuation of my vehicle.


USAA's appraiser told my appraiser to pick an umpire from "his list." This is not in any way how to "mutually agree" upon an umpire. The umpires from his list will be on his side and not represent my interests or be impartial. 


As of today, 5/13/2020, USAA still has not made me whole. I have had to go through “H-E-double-Hockey-Sticks” to just receive a fair ACV, which still has not happened. 


This post is to notify the CEO's office of what I believe to be bad faith on behalf of USAA. Laruen T was professional and respectful. However, Daniel B is a predator that should not be allowed to be an insurance adjuster for USAA. His illegal actions have put a stain on USAA's reputation. He seemed motivated from the very start to total my vehicle and steal it without notifying me as the insured. This is beyond unacceptable. 


To settle this matter, I require my minimum ACV demand be met. I require immediate payment for the claim, along with payment for the dealer documentation fees, taxes, all other fees due to me as well as payment to replace my 3-year old's car seat that was installed in the vehicle at the time of loss. It has been 5 months since the date of loss. I expect more from USAA.


It is important to note, I have had a car totaled before by USAA and the adjuster was respectful, he explained all of my options, and then paid me a fair ACV on the spot in my driveway. It was the type of hassle free and respectful experience I expect from USAA. Daniel B was the exact opposite. He was disrespectful, dishonest, and attempted to steall my car. 


If this matter is not resolved ASAP, my next step will be to make a report to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's office and to the local police department.


Please advise.



Moderator's Note: for the privacy of the employee, this post has been edited.


@ForgottenSoldier, I am sorry to hear about the experience you encountered with the auto claim.  We never want you to feel any displeasure with your claim.  I asked a business specialist to research your claim situation further along with following up with you.  They will be contacting you within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks. ~ Robert

Sorry to hear that but not at all surprised.

I've been a member for almost 30 years and had no complaints until making my first ever homeowner claim last November when a tree was blown into my house. USAA has been low balling me from the start, the first assessor they sent out was caught in multiple lies, the adjuster was repeatedly too lazy to reference her own documentation, and every complaint elicits a saccharine response from "an expert" (5 times, so far) trained to constantly interrupt you while speaking so they can get through their script and move on to promise the next sucker like me they'll be doing a "deep dive" into the claim, only to deliver nothing.

Actually less than nothing - they called yesterday to tell me they're keeping the $4000+ they owe me apparently because they feel like it.

I'll be looking at moving all of my accounts elsewhere ( house, two cars, IRA, etc.) and would recommend you do the same. Experiences like yours and mine are becoming so frequent they constitute what is developing into the new normal.

I see that you have experienced some of that world class customer service that USAA brags about.  You are correct that it is best to take your business elsewhere.  USAA is NOT the company it once was.