Hello. I want to know if anyone has had the same experience as I have. As I am extremely frusterated and upset. I purchased a car through USAA 2x. First time someone wrecked my car and their insurance paid off the car. Great. Then searched for a new car, even used a cosigner to better the rate. 2.7% on a 16k loan. Great I'm very satisfied. I went and sold the car due to devaluation of the car on mileage privately. Paid off usaa. Then turned around and purchased a new vehicle (26k). NOTHING has changed in my credit aside from me paying off my credit cards more than last year when I applied for the 16k loan and received 2.7%APR. I sold my car expecting the same rate then called for the new loan and it was 12.7%!!!!!!!!! This is absurd. I feel totally taken advantage of. Nothing has happened to increas my APR by 6x. It puts me in a bad financial position as I sold the car to SAVE money into paying into a positive equity. I'm going to be upside down in the car. The customer service could not give me an explanation except but to "refinance" in a few months. I had to purchase the vehicle as I am working on my M.D. and working full time. I have extreme remorse on selling my vehicle and my new purchase with USAA and can't even enjoy the new car. I don't know what to do. I want a manager to reach out to me and justify this as going from 2.7% to 12.7% in a year is insane. It's costing me 11k in interest throughout the loan period. I am not sure if they work on commission at all but I feel SOLD and mistreated. I feel like they new I had to purchase a vehicle as I called them from the dealer and they knew they had me in a corner and took advantage of me. I was expecting around a 370$ max payment and USAAs tricks with interest skyrocketed it to 550$ a month. I would love to retract this statement but until someone reaches out to me I will say do not finance a car from usaa. My whole family banks with them but that might change soon. Please reach out


I realize how serious this is, Sessionsh, and regret you feel this way. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to review this situation and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for the research and review to be completed. - Cathleen

Welcome to USAA! Refinance with a credit union! I did and saved $100 a month in interest with a credit union I had no relationship with! I have been with USAA 23 years! USAA is the WORST! Just when you think USAA can't get any worse they do!