USAA Auto Insurance & Towing Coverage is a Joke!

I totally agree and we are totally disappopinted in the rudeness and autocratic means of them acting as Police investigators on behalf of the policy holders.  They do not have the right to draw conclusions on an account without assessing all the facts.  Beware, if USAA believes a claims case is insignificant, bodily injuries assign to the claim, they will act as judge and jury in your case and settle it and charge the policyholder driver with at fault claims.  Their underwriting and claims department are working to protect the consumer, but simply what benefits USSA Shareholders.  The customer service has decline and engaging technology that proves no benefit to the policyholdes as represented by the many closed facilities (newly built) within the many areas across the country.  The costs of those exhorbitant failures are borne by the policy holder...  Their specialist are rude and believe that one should take their word as experts because of the binding agreements signed in PART D, F, etc... they are quick to quote and justify this as being their means for having the authority to make a decision on claims and accidents as if they are immortal.  We are done after 30+ plus years, we have moved our auto insurance to a company that gladly accepted what we needed as a customer and not tell us what we shouldn't do or what they couldn't do, and guess what it's at a better rate.  Search around for auto, home, fire, and flood, you will be surprised that there are great companies that have been in busy for much longer able to offer military competitive rates and establish better payment plans.   i left t his compny years ago to go to USAA, but great disappointments afforded me the opportunity to seek another insurance.  They did me a favor!  Now I'm looking to move all of my banking needs as weel.  Ber ware, make wise choices as there are other repiutable companies thst looked at USAA's business model and are perfecting it because they care about the consumer and they validate the cost savings by bundling as well.   COVID has exposed the bad practices of some companies and I beleive there is more clients that will be turning away from USAA...

@MRMR, thank you for your membership and taking the time to share your feedback.  We never want you to have a bad experience with your claim.  I'm sorry that you had some displeasure with your claim and the service you received.  I asked a claims subject matter expert to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns.  They will be reaching out to you within 1 to 2 business days.  ~ Robert

USAA contacted me today saying the Director has denied my claim to be reimbursed $137.50 for towing coverage. Lisa with the CEO Office, extension # [removed sensitive data] called me. USAA has stated that I was given 2 miles to be towed to the nearest towing facility, plus an additional 10 miles they allow. Total I was given 12 miles. Therefore my tow of over 12 miles is not being covered.

My USAA towing policy states the following: "Towing, to the nearest place where necessary repairs can be made during regular business hours, if the vehicle will not run or is stranded on or immediately next to a public road."

Here are the points I have argued:

1. The towing company USAA called for me was out of Sheridan, WY. They are A-Plus Towing. After speaking with A-Plus towing, the towing company confirmed that the nearest place for them to tow me in Sheridan, WY (not Buffalo, WY), because it would have caused them to drive my vehicle in the opposite direction and therefore would be a more expensive tow.

2. USAA's policy does not state a) how many miles a person is allotted for towing, b) that they allow an extra 10 miles, or c) if "nearest place" is from where the vehicle is stranded or from where the towing service is called from. If the policy does not state any of this, then I do not see how they can rightfully deny my claim for towing coverage.

3. USAA has not once provided me an invoice showing if the 12 miles I was allotted was paid for. I have asked USAA for a copy of this invoice to prove any coverage was paid. How do I even know USAA covered any of my tow?

Lastly, I would like to point out that I have had auto insurance with USAA for almost 10 years. I have never made a claim, I have never used roadside assistance before now, and I have paid every single monthly premium on time. I have been a good consumer of USAA insurance and am being treated unfairly in this matter. 


I would leave USAA immediately.  Imagine what they will do to you if you are ever involved in an accident.