USAA Auto Insurance & Towing Coverage is a Joke!

My name is Reba. I am a 25 year old female and Special Education Teacher living in Wyoming. My Grandpa was a USAA member when it first started, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, he served in WWII, Vietnam and the Korean War. My father has been a USAA member the majority of his life (he is 60 years old), and is a retired Police Officer. 


On November 1st, my car broke down on the side of the road in Wyoming at 7:30 at night. Wyoming is an extremely large state and has a population of less than 600,000 people. You can drive 100 miles without driving through a town or seeing another car. I broke down and pulled off onto a highway ramp, it was dark and an extremely dangerous situation for a 25 year old female to be in alone. I was scared and trusted that USAA would take care of me. I called USAA Roadside Assistance to assist me as I pay for the service, as well as towing coverage. USAA had me explain my location and took care of everything as far as finding a tow service provider. The tow service provider USAA contacted was out of Sheridan, WY - so I had my car towed to Sheridan, WY. USAA is now telling me I have to pay a service charge of $137.50 to the towing company, even though I pay for full coverage with towing insurance. I have never made an auto insurance claim and never used roadside assistance. I have used USAA auto insurance for 9 years without a claim! Per my USAA coverage, Towing and Labor helps pay for reasonable costs such as: Towing to the nearest repair facility, gas delivery, changing tires, and performing labor when the breakdown took place. I was towed to the nearest repair facility as the towing company drove from Sheridan, WY to my location and took me back to Sheridan, WY. I contacted the towing company yesterday and Sheridan was the cheapest town for my car to be towed to as it was the same town they were driving from! So why am I being charged $137.50, when being taken to Sheridan, WY was the nearest and cheapest repair facility?!


I called USAA and spoke to Jimmy in the USAA Insurance Claims Department. Jimmy spoke extremely rude to me, denied me being able to submit a dispute with having to pay $137.50 for towing and denied me being able to speak with a supervisor. Jimmy repeatedly told me that any other insurance adjuster would tell me the "same exact thing." Jimmy did not once offer to try and fix the situation for me. All he did was argue that I would have to pay $137.50 and that would not change. I was told I would be contacted within 24-48 hours and still have yet to be contacted. I want to be reimbured the $137.50 for being towed and I want USAA to contact me in a timely manner. Is this how USAA treats the family members of Veterans and Armed Forces? Does USAA not stick to its word about what coverage I have?


@Reba B, I am terribly sorry to hear about your car breaking down on the side of the road and your concerns with your roadside claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to be able to start researching your situation and reach out to you.

If I were you I would shop for another insurance company.

Hello Reba,


This is your Dad. Sorry to hear about your poor experience with USAA Claims for Roadside Assistance. I understand USAA called the Tow Service to retrieve your car that suffered catastrophic engine failure on Interstate 25 in Wyoming. I am attaching the Policy Declarations from your USAA Auto Policy. The Claims Agent Jimmy, whom refused to provide his last name, or Supervisors Name should be counseled by USAA Auto Claims for poor membership service. The Declarations are very clear, and USAA needs to send the Towing Reimbursement Check in the amount of $137.50 immediately to you.


B. Borden

Powell, WY

USAA Auto Policy Declaration Roadside Assistance # 1.jpegUSAA Roadside Assistance # 2 3 and 4.jpegUSAA Roadside Assistance Limit of Liability.jpeg

Today, Angelica #[removed sensitive data], called me regarding my towing claim. She informed me that I will not be reimbursed for $137.50 for my FIRST EVER time calling towing service after paying for towing service for the last TEN YEARS! My car broke down between Buffalo, WY and Sheridan, WY. I called the towing service that USAA contacted to tow my car and they informed me that it would have costs more money for me to be towed to Buffalo, WY than to Sheridan, WY since they were coming out of Sheridan, WY. I actually SAVED USAA money by being towed to Sheridan! Yet, I am being forced to pay the cost because I apparently was only alloted 12 miles of towing coverage to Buffalo, WY. I will be filing a BBB compalint against USAA for my towing not be covered. As USAA's policy does not state anything about 12 miles of towing coverage and USAA contacted the towing company for me, therefore they are liable for the towing cost. 


Additionally, this is now the 2nd USAA employee to speak extremely rude to me on the phone and again tell me I can't speak to anyone else at the moment and that management "will just tell me the same thing." I've already waited 10 days regarding this complaint and now I have to wait even longer to speak to management. I'm extremely disappointed in how USAA has treated me and will be researching other insurance options that treat their customers with respect and actually pay for what coverages I include in my insurance. 

Better Business Bereau complaint at


The complaint was made against USAA Auto Insurance, if anyone else has these issues I highly suggest taking it to the BBB if USAA does not reimburse your towing. 

Google "USAA CEO Compensation" and you will see why USAA is not paying your claim. 

Looks like the CEO got a 17% increase in compensation, yet USAA can't cover my $137.50 towing fee. 

Now you know what USAA is all about; CEO compensation.  All you are supposed to do is pay your premiums and never make a claim.  If you do make a claim, USAA will fight you throughout the process as you have seen and then raise you premiums.  Read the posts about the experiences USAA members have when they make claims.  FYI - No one can overrule the USAA computer even when common sense should prevail.  USAA is not the company it once was.


BTW - $5,000,000.00/year CEO compensation = $416,666.67/month = $2,367.42/hour = $39.46/minute.   $137.50/$39.46/minute = 3.48 minutes.   Your claim is less than 4 minutes of the USAA CEO's compensation.  Everyone reading this post remember this when you receive your bi-annual auto insurance premium increases so that the USAA CEO can be paid his obscene salary.

Have you ever had a 17% pay raise?