I have banked with and purhcased insurance from USAA for years now. I also have a spotless driving record and am a homeowner with a. Today, while calling to add a new vehicle to my existing policy, I had a frustrating experience that I would like feedback on. I'd also like to share this experience to prevent others from being taken advantage of. When I called to obtain a quote for adding an additional vehicle, the quote that I received was outrageously high. It worked out to $191 a month for liability coverage on my old car and full coverage on my new car. This more than doubled my original premium of just over $90 a month for full coverage on my original car. That however is not the frustrating part. When I received this quote, I double checked that their was not a mistake in the calculation with the individual who was helping me over the phone. He confirmed that the quote was accurate. I then told him I was going to shop around because that quote was ridiculously high for a loyal customer with a clean driving record. I then received a quote from Geico for the same amount of coverage that worked out to about $158 per month. I called USAA back and informed them of my intent to cancel my current policy with them in favor of the better quote from Geico. The attendant on the phone then asked If I would like to try a quote again and asked me what amount the first USAA attendant had quoted me earlier. She then was magically able to offer me a quote of just over $150 per month for the same coverage as Geico. This infuriates me because had I not decided to question the quote and shop around, USAA would have happily collected that exhorbitant premium that they originally quoted me. I don't see how there can be that much wiggle room on pricing just because I threatened to cancel my policy. As a loyal customer with a clean driving record, I should not have to threaten to cancel my policy just to receive a competitive quote from USAA. I am dissastisfied with USAA for the first time in the history of my experience with them.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @krclark and this certainty isn't the member experience we want you to have. I will have this reviewed by a specialist and they will reach back out to you once they have had time to review the situation. - Ralph 

My insurance keeps going up with USAA for a 8 year old car. So getting tired of it checked with Armed Forces Insurance and there quote for the same coverage is 67 dollars lower for 6 months. Then I checked with my home owner insurance and the quote is also lower. And when I bundle home and car car insurance goes down to 232.00 for 6 months. I been a member since 2000. USAA is getting to big and not providing the same service they used to. Going to check into more, but maybe leaving USAA.