USAA has become a superpower $24 BILLION industry giant!!!  They lost their way, and will lose my business very shortly.  I have been a member for IDK maybe 15-20 years and they want to charge me $5800 a year even with one liability coverage on 4 vehicles.  I just can't afford them anymore.  Allstate same coverage $4200...even with a new full coverage replacement for the liability.


Even more amazing, I telephoned them twice and even asked and spoke to a manager "Jenny" who states that they are no longer competitive in FL.  I gave them ample opportunity to counter and they just don't care.  I heard several times well sir you have to do whats best for your family. 


Well they will have to subtract that from their $24Bil and I am hoping more will follow.  Wake up USAA!!!



Robert Kane


Thank you for reaching out, @rkane. We value your longtime membership and are saddened to hear that you are considering leaving USAA due to rates. We realize that there will be times when another company can offer a lower rate. We don't like to see that happen, however, we must charge rates based on our loss experience amongst other factors. There are various factors that are considered in determining auto insurance premiums. These may vary by state and include variables such as vehicle type, driving record, driver age and claims trends. We continually analyze expected losses and expenses as well as other factors to ensure we are providing our members with quality coverage at the most affordable rates possible. We also consider any discounts and savings members are qualified to receive based on their tenure, overall relationship and payment history with USAA. You can learn more here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/ins_auto_auto_rates_landing_mkt?adID=VURL_autorates 


Rest assured, your feedback will be shared with the appropriate area. Feedback allows us to identify opportunities to improve our member experience. Thank you for your time. -Vanessa


Hi Robert, I had a similar experience. Kept seeing my rates increase, year after year, culminating in getting my renewal premium, which had gone up close to 20%. Priced out with other competitors and settled on Geico, saved almost 30%, $400.00. I also was able to lower my deductible from 1k to 500 bucks and also got roadside assistance included, with the same coverage. I had 1k deductible and no roadside with USAA and was still paying 400 more. I feel like they are perfectly fine with thinning the herd here, as they have had to pay out massive amounts in claims and I believe this is a focused purge. Not saying you or I are to blame, sure you are like me with no claims, accidents or tickets in years, but hey, if they can chop all this off, maybe it makes them feel more comfortable with their situation. Sucks and unfortunate, but I cannot see this any other way than intentional. I was actually told on the phone by the insurance dept, that get ready, your rates will go up next year too. 

@jimmyb84 we do not want to lose any of our members and your comments are important. I have forwarded your comments and account for review and appreciate your patience during this review period. Once this has been done they will be contacting you. ~ Joseph

Wow. Looks like the only way to get a chance at USAA getting competitive is complaining here. Was a time I was recruiting new  fellow vets or their families to USAA, but when I talked about it they say USAA more expensive.  Well after all they have to pay for all those commercials and Bowl sponsorships.  This goes straight to our costs.  Look at their homeowners too. They quoted me about $400 more than Armed Forces Co-Op (who are great!) and just because I had an unseen slow toilet tank leak in my plumbing which caused considerable damage claim.  Not even AFCIA increased my premiums.  And even the Subscriber Savings accounts cannot cover the difference.  We should do ourselves a favor and get competitive quotes annually.

I think that is a wise decision by all, no insurance company is going to be the cheapest all the time. They may have a good run, but eventually, depending on who they are insuring, the rates will climb. Unfortunately USAA is insuring in areas that happened to be hit by a "massive amount of claims" and this in turn effects anyone in those pools. This is the way insurance works and it is why you don't want them paying on just anything and everything, but with that being said, I cannot justify their massive increases to my rates, when there hasn't been anything huge happening up here and I would also ask that they rethink the whole "only certain members get a subscriber savings account" deal. They have the right to increase the rates and we as customers have the right to take our business elsewhere. Good to see you have something working out for you Joetallyho.

35 + year member, USAA priced me out of the market in Florida for home owners and auto, went to Farmers and lowered my annual cost by almost $1900.  Today I open the mail to find out now that Nationstar will be servicing my home loan starting on the 15th after USAA made me fax new automatic withdrawal agreement last month. Way to go USAA, pimp my loan out, jack up insurance rates, contracted out auto insurance adjusters somewhere in Alabama,  and by the way worst loan processing experience when I took out the loan 4 years ago.  Maybe it’s time to completely cut the strings, customer service is dead in this company.  What a shame, definitely not the company I started with.

@Goat Rope,


I regret to hear you feel this way regarding your experience with USAA. it is never our intent to make our members feel this way. Offering our members competitively priced products to go along with World Class customer service is still one of our main goals. I have taken this opportunity to share your experience with a colleague for review. They will research your experience and reach out to address your concerns. I hope we can work to restore your trust in USAA. ~Gus

Goat Rope, home loans is an absolute wreck and I’m not sure I’d ever use them again. I am with Nationstar, haven’t had any issues. It’s normal for a bank to sell off mortgages so not surprised there. In the mortgage department though, they have people who aren’t up in certain things and then you have to fight to get them to make it right. I will give USAA credit that they did make it right. You have to ultimately do what’s best for you and your situation. Best of luck.

I would be okay if they were actually selling the loan, that I understand.  However it appears they are using Nationstar (a subservice provider) to just service the loan.  USAA still retains the loan and may in the future return to servicing it themselves. A huge part of banking with USAA for me over the years has been the ability to deal with my accounts in house.  With on-line banking improving over the years I have really enjoyed a one stop site.


It also ticks me off that I received the letter yesterday and it goes into effect on April 15th.


I have used Nationstar before and it was a reasonable experience.