Trying to list a Ford Excursion 7.3 Diesel on the USAA TRUECAR service

Almost a year ago, I was unsuccesful in getting a usable listing through the car listing service.  It seems that the system did not recognize any engine, other than the GAS V10 for my Ford Excursion.  TRUECAR then stated they were going to get this problem fixed.  I tried again today, and it is not.  I contacted a very pleasant, and understanding representative.  She told me that they have been working this problem and hope to have a fixe very soon.  I then mentioned my first attempt, quite awhile ago.  She seemed suprised, yet stayed with the party line.  Our concerns are improtant to TRUECAR/USAA and she would pass this on.  The other issue I had with the previous attempt....I got it listed.  However, because of the USAA interface (TRUECAR's explanation), it did not list with all of the other Excursion that popped up when one listed Make and Type (FORD EXCURSION) in their search for a car .  On my listing, unless I specified a specific wheel base, or some other specific search criteria, my listing did not appear.  So, all I recieved was an offer form a dealer,...since the dealers were effectively, the only ones seeing the listing.  


My concern....It takes a ayear to solve a software issue that should be fairly easy to fix?  input the make and model and equipment, before one puts in the VIN#....the VIN was the oterh issue the representative alluded to as part of the issue with the system not working.  BOTTOM LINE:  I am not ablt to list my car on this system, with any confidence, at all.  


Thanks for reaching out via Member Community MLR. I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you've encountered when trying to list your Excursion on the website. I have sent a message to True Car regarding this, as well as the issue you experienced last year. If we receive any new information, we'll be happy to pass that along to you. I appreciate the feedback and have provided to our team to review during future service enhancements. - Cathleen