TrueCar was a major disappoint and waste of time

While I love USAA and have always had a favorable view of them my Experience with TrueCar was a miserable one. From offering me a car in a color that did not exist to giving me price quotes that dealers do not honor. I spent hours building and rebuilding my "dream car" only to find that no dealer within a 250 mile radius had it even though TrueCare's site claimed they did. Yeah, I won't be using them again. I could have saved myself a lot of time and just negotiated my own deal which is what I had to do anyway. Oh, and the "certified dealer" that I purchased from didn't read the TrueCar inquiry in it's entirety and quoted me a base model price when I requested a fully loaded vehicle.




I can imagine the frustration, I would like to see if there is anything we can do to help. I have sent this over to a specialist that handles TrueCar and someone will be in touch with you. Thank you for posting in the community.

Thank you
So, I have been patiently waiting for some kind of remedy from USAA, TrueCar, and Hyundai but so far I've received nothing but promises to review the issue. Below is an email that I wrote to the General Manager of the Hyundai dealership. His response was "I'm sorry that happened to you." but when pressed about what he intended to do about the situation I received no response. Mr. Keefe, My name is John Randall. I am writing you regarding my recent purchase experience at your Hyundai dealership. I must say that it was about as unpleasant a buying experience that one could have. I was initially contacted by your internet salesman David Givens after I filled out a query through my bank USAA using their portal. I informed Mr. Givens at the time that I was not interested in purchasing from your dealership because your price was not in line with other quotes I had received. Mr. Givens then responded with another quote which was much more competitive and I agreed to speak with him. Mr. Givens was able to procure the vehicle I wanted but when I arrived to complete the paperwork the price was approximately 1000 dollars higher than he had quoted over the internet. When I asked him about this he was unable to give me an adequate response for the increase. I then met with your finance manager who for some inexplicable reason was unable and unwilling to give me a cogent breakdown of the numbers. On several occasions he stated that he did not know what price I had negotiated with Mr. Givens. I responded that if he did not know he should ask since his office was right next door. It was really quite infuriating. Were it not for the fact that I really wanted to be rid of the car I was driving I would have walked away. A few weeks after my purchase I spoke to Mr. Givens again about the price of my vehicle and he tried to tell me that the price increase was due to all of the features that I had requested. I informed him that the TrueCar price had included all of the added features and that they were all noted on the email he received from TrueCar about my query. He of course denied this until he pulled up the email in my presence and was forced to admit that he had not thoroughly read the email. Additionally, the car was to come equipped with a rear floor mat which was absent from the vehicle when I picked it up. Mr. Givens took a floor mat from another Veloster and placed that one in my car. When I arrived home I found it was not a proper fit and I contacted Mr. Givens who stated he would correct the situation in a weeks time. I did not hear from him within that week and having communicated with him previously through email I sent two to which he never responded. After two weeks I contacted the sales manager, Shuman and requested he look into the matter. I then received a call from a rather irritated Mr. Givens wanting to know why I had contacted the sales manager instead of him. I explained my position and that I had attempted to contact him twice with no response. Mr. Givens stated he would get back to me later. That same day I received an email from him stating the cargo mat was ordered and would be in by the following Friday. The following day I received another email from Mr. Givens stating he was not at work and that I should remind him to order it the mat the following week. At this point I believed Mr. Givens to be intentionally attempting to aggravate me. I informed him that I was not going to remind him of anything and that he should contact me when the mat came in. On August 10th I had to drive to Los Angeles from Lancaster to track down fugitive probationer and I decided to stop into your showroom to pick up my mat and to price a new rim and tire for my vehicle due to a pothole incident I’d had the week prior. I was able to retrieve the mat from the parts department without issue but because I was in a squad car and did not have my VIN the parts employee had difficulty locating the correct parts in the system. I went to the sales manager Shuman and I greeted him with a good morning and asked for my VIN. He asked me why I needed it and I explained that I had damaged my rim. He then asked me how I damaged the rim. As I was in a hurry I stated “ I’m in a bit of a hurry and don’t have time to talk. Could I just have the VIN please? Shuman, in front of two other employees became visibly angry and dismissed me stating “ you never have a good thing to say” Well, I am busy too!” I responded in a stern manner, “Just give me the VIN so I can leave!” Shuman wrote it down and as he handed it to me I told him he needed to learn a little about customer service etiquette. He then stated that if I did not like the service there I should not return. Mr. Keefe, I do not appreciate the treatment I received from your employees. I am loath to even bring my car back for service out of concern for the lack of professionalism and attention to detail your sales department has displayed. I’ve already had numerous inquiries from colleagues about my car and I am sure you can appreciate what an unflattering story this makes about your dealership. You should expect to hear from Hyundai Corporate regarding this issue as well. I would like a formal response from USAA regarding my experience.

Dear Johnjrjr,

Thank you for taking the time to share your car buying experience. I have escalated the issues you described with the dealership for further review and consideration. Thank you again for posting here in the community.

I had an awesome experience with TrueCar. I got quotes from two different dealers. They both had the car I wanted in stock, I called prior to visiting to confirm. The dealer with the lowest price was further away from my home, so I took the lower quote to the dealer closer to my home and they beat the other dealers price by hundred dollars. I hate that you had a negative experience, I can't help but wonder if the dealer was a little shady as the true car certificate lists all of the options of the vehicle being quoted. Car salesman can be the worst ;)
Yes, they were. However, TrueCar leads you to believe the car you want is available and that's just not the case. If you happen to be looking for a vehicle that is not a big seller in your market it will lead you astray. I contacted several Hyundai dealerships in my area and they all stated the same thing in more or less the same way what I just wrote above. If I had been looking for a Sonata TrueCar would have been on the mark because its a huge seller in my area so they keep plenty of every type on hand. The Veloster, not so much.