I looked for a feedback option on the USAA car buying service website first, and couldn't find one.  That's complaint number one.  If USAA is going to "certify" dealers as trustworthy shouldn't you have an easy, and apparent way for your members to let you know if the dealers aren't acting in a way they should?  I contacted 5 different dealers through this "service" and only one responded.  When it did (Gunther VW) I quizzed him about the vehicle and learned it was advertised as having an automatic transmission, but in fact it has an manual transmission.  That was more than a week ago and this vehicle is STILL advertised incorrectly.  The same dealer never responded to contacts about 2 other vehicles they list on this "car buying service", and didn't return my phone call/message.  The other four "certified dealers" never responded in anyway.  I no longer trust USAA's certification for more than the marketing tool it is.


Contact me at Jack Ingram Volkswagen. As a veteran an USAA member I think it is ridiculous that true car administers our buying service. My name is Guy Martin, I am the General Sales Manager and USAA members are treated openly and honestly by me and my team. 334-260-7211 is my direct number.
ONE person out for themselves for that moment can discredit an entire business. There are 3 "deals" when buying a car. Each one should be approached singularly.
(1) the car you are buying
(2) the trade-in
(3) finance
If during any one of these deals you get a bad vibe, today is not the day you need to buy a car.
Also keep in mind, the dealer is going to want to make a profit off of you. Do research before you go. Don't just go through USAA. Nada, TrueCar, KBB, on line specific model forums. Look for the dealer incentives on theirs and the makers website.

I too would like somebody at USAA's contact information about the Car Buying Service. 

We welcome and encourage feedback on the dealerships you have not been pleased with. Please send us a message here with details about your situation so we can look into the problems you are having immediately. You can also post details here in the community and I will escalate them to the appropriate area. Thank you for sharing and for making USAA car buying service better!

>> Please send us a message here with details about your situation so we can look into the problems you are having immediately.


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