TrueCar Buying Experience - Do Not Use First Team Toyota in Chesapeake, VA

I did the TrueCar buying program through USAA. I selected First Team Toyota of the dealerships which responded because the person who responds online answered all of my questions and gave me pricing information via email where other dealerships wanted me to come in and make an appointment before discussing anything with me. 


Unfortuantely the person responding to my emails does not do the actual sales. The sales person I was assigned had no clue abought the TrueCar program and neither did the sales manager. 


They took their sweet time with me. I had chosen the car online, had the price already confirmed, yet they still wanted to pull the stereotypical car salesman dickering around with me. I had to argue to get the rate I was quoted online. Then they kept trying to shove Toyota Financing down my throat - knowing I had been preapproved online through USAA. 


Beyond that they messed up the numbers on my paperwork twice where if I had not paid attention and blindly signed would have cost me over $2000. Because it happened twice, I really have to wonder if it was truly an innocent mistake or an attempt to scam me. 


Because I had already picked out the car, been approved and had my ducks in a row, I would have thought this would have been a pretty swift process. But no all of my preparing was fo nothing. I was still there 4.5 hours due to the incompetence of the First Team team. 


I have serious concern If they are going to do whatever is need of them for me to get the additional 0.5% rate discount for using the USAA car buying service. I have done everything on my end and will be further disappointed if I now have to fight and argue for this savings because of their incopetence. 


USAA and TrueCar need to better investigate the dealers they choose for us to do business with. While I would continue to recommend the Car Buyuing service through USAA, but would not recommend First Team Toyota of Chesapeake under any circumstance.