True Car * the epitome of lack of integrity

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The following post is the first one in ref: to the lack of service
As recently as Saturday (9-29-18) I spent all day just trying to claim the certificate for the TrueCar discount. Ever time I would try to get the certificate the site would freeze up and I would have to start all over again. I did this over and over again starting at 12 pm up until 9 pm that Saturday. The process was repeated on Sunday and I called USAA and spoke to Jenny to discuss the loan and the trouble with the TrueCar site. First of all let say that 98% of the time USAA reps are extremely helpful and courteous, Jenny was not. She told me that I would have to edit my loan myself that she couldn’t help. And that she couldn’t help with the website either and transferred me to web support at Usaa. After updating my iPhone and iPad, This is the 3rd day and I was still unable to get anything accomplished. How can this service be offered if a customer can’t even use it? I believe this is a horrible trick and a effort in futility. I also found out that that it’s just a certificate with the dealer that participates with TrueCar name and location (nothing to do with the car) I’m at my wits end and would like someone to help so I can utilize what was offered but not given. I know .50% doesn’t seem like much but it makes a huge difference.
Part 2:
After being contacted on 10-5 by Jerry R. with Usaa, he told me that they would contact True Car to resolve this issue. He also explained that it would be a few days before he would get a response. Fast forward to today 10-9-18, Jerry said that True Car had no record (history) that I had tried to access the service. Fair enough, although I had told him of the failings of the website on multiple devices, I was basically told without a history they will not honor the discount. Jerry was nice in telling me that he would let True Car know of the failure of their site. This is not a resolution, this is a horrible attempt of blaming the consumer for something that doesn’t work (looking back on the complaints here seems to have started in 2015 if not earlier). So Usaa brushes this off “ sorry there is nothing we can do” isn’t Usaa the one offering the .50% if you have the certificate? I have 3 people who witnessed the failure and ludicrous number of attempts to get this done to no avail! I am so disappointed in the lack of regard and no effort to just contact True Car from the moment I called Usaa the first time. Usaa offers a carrot but instead hits you with a stick. In case you are thinking of using this service I would reconsider and having said that I will tell everyone I know and don’t know about this dishonorable service.


Hello @Mmaske, I do understand your concerns with True Car discount. I have forwarded your information to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will be in contact with you. -Colleen

And here we are 9 days later (10/14/18) and nothing from either agency. In other words, I as a customer am not worthy of concern or actions to make it right. I have researched the complaints against True Car and wonder how Usaa can associate themselves with that type of company. Usaa continually talks of integrity, honor and respect, all of which have gone by the wayside with this car buying fiasco. I suppose the next steps will be to contact the BBB and the attorney generals office.

Hello @Mmaske, I do see that our CEO's office did reach out to you regarding your concerns. I will escalate your concerns regarding this.-Colleen