Has anyone noticed that True Car (the same platform USAA uses for car buying services) appears to have started to inflate the prices and limit the options to the most expensive ones? I recently used USAA and True Car's actual site to compare prices agains the manufacturer's sites -- in all cases True Car (and USAA came in higher or with less options). 


Seems to me like a marketing strategy that pigeon-hole's buyers into more restrictive, expensive and burdensome purchases.


Also, some of the dealers that called me are presenting themselves as USAA representatives. I asked one dealer why they would choose to present themself as a USAA representative and the response was that USAA has trained (and asked) them to do exactly such. If that is the case, will USAA be willing to work out issues if/when they arise between a member and the dealer? Last time I checked I was told that the transaction was between me and the dealer - not USAA!!!


Is it me or, has USAA continue to lose more of those ingredients that made it attractive?




Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the Car Buying Service. The Car Buying Service pricing we offer our members is certainly optional and may not always yield the lowest price for your purchase. The Car Buying Service offers a baseline to support members who may not be as savvy in negotiating a purchase and need help doing so. We always encourage members to do their best in negotiating the final price for your purchase. At this time of year many dealerships have extreme discounts in house to clear out their 2016/2017 inventories to make room for the incoming models which is why you may be able to find or negotiate a more favorable price than the one listed through our Car Buying Service. The dealerships are certified to be a preferred dealership for our Car Buying Service; however they are not a direct representative for USAA. If there is an issue regarding the preferred pricing we can assist you with that. If there are other issues outside of that it may need to be resolved by you and the dealership. We would need additional details confirm what support we can offer. If you feel that a dealership is misrepresenting their position or if you have any questions regarding the Car Buying Service, please contact us at 1-800-531-8722 to speak with our Auto Internet Sales Team, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CST) so we can get the specific details of your concern. Thanks so much and have a great morning! - Darrell

See my post also, there is a direct connection between USAA and True Car. The Veterans are being taken advantage of in using this process