True Car Illegal Bait and Switch sales tactic

I used the “True Car” discount offered by USAA.  It was simple and I received some low prices from a select list of local dealers.  When I when in to the dealership some of the salesman honestly told me they give low prices out just to get you to come in to their dealership so they can start selling you on a car.  One dealer offer a price on a year and model of a car they did not even have in their inventory.  When I went in to their dealership, they tried to sell me another higher price car.  This is called the Bait and Switch sales tactic. They bait you to come in and switch you to buy another car.  This tactic is illegal.  I check for over a month and they never had the car. I used True Car to get an offer from them every week during that month on the year and model of a car they did not have.  Be careful, some dealers use True Car in a Bait and Switch sales tactic. If you go in to a dealer and they do not have a car they offered (major difference, not like color), walk away, it is a con.


That sucks.  USAA is falling apart.  It is no longer the great company used to be.



I have passed this over to appropriate department for review and will have a representative reach out directly to you. Thank you for reaching out in Community.

As a dealership employee I will say this is not usaa that is at fault. Or true car for that matter. It is the dealership putting the info on true car. There are times a vehicle sells and is no longer available. Unfortunately true car and like sites are not able to pull that data immediately. It takes up to a week at times. I always advise my friends and family to call first and verify availability of a specific stock number. It's very frustrating to me coming from a dealer that actually posts honest prices online to see that other dealers like to add in every discount available even if not everyone qualifies. (Teachers, military, recent college grad, etc...) and then people get there and find out it's not what they thought.