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Last month after leaving work I was pulled over and my vehicle was impounded, placed on a 30 day hold. What that means is the truck will sit in the impound lot for 30 days and after that date expires I can get my truck back. My auto loan is current, up-to date, etc.

On the day I was set to get my truck back (this past Friday) I called the impound lot to ensure I had the necessary documents to get my truck and I was informed by the lot attendant that my Lien Holder, USAA, had showed up the day before and repossessed my truck! I immediately called the loan dept and they had NO CLUE why my truck was repossessed since my loan was current. The repo dept was closed on Friday,  so I had to wait until Monday to speak with someone in that dept. Picking my truck up on Friday I was going to cost me $735...As I'm speaking with the Repo Dept I was placed on about a 30 minute hold while he "calculated" the expenses I need to pay to retrieve my truck. I was informed that now I am required to pay $1,530 to get my truck back, which I had zero intention of letting go, abandoning, etc! My loan is CURRENT, so that should be a clear indication that I had every intention of keeping the vehicle, IT WAS ON A 30 HOLD! When speaking with the rep he informed me they received correspondence from the State/DMV asking what my intent was with the vehicle. Interesting that I did not receive that letter and when asked to provide me with a copy of the letter he would dance around the request and move on to other topics. I reached out to the DMV and they informed me that did not send a letter to USAA and had they sent any correspondence I would have received a copy. On top of that the letter would have gone out after the 30 day hold was met and even after that they allow the vehicle to sit for 30 additional days before they consider it an abandoned vehicle.

I am frustrated beyond belief since they had zero reason to repossess my vehicle. Now I'm being charged even more to get my vehicle back that I have paid for and stayed current with the payments. I sit here still waiting for a Supervisor to contact me since requesting a call back yesterday morning.


Oh gosh @FRUSTRATED1976, I regret to hear of this experience. I was able to locate your profile and am currently reviewing this issue. I appreciate your continued patience. -Emily

Thank you for your continued patience, I am sharing your concerns with a subject matter expert for further review, once reviewed they will contact you. -Emily

Thank you very much Emily.