Mrs T803
I’ve been with USAA for 14yrs. The letter I got says my auto insurance will be canceled because I got a speeding ticket in August of 2017 and my brother (who is also insured with USAA) hit another vehicle in the back while driving one of my cars in May 2017. It’s 2019..why is this just happening. I don’t understand how a speeding ticket and a minor fender bender that happened two years ago are valid reasons to cancel an entire insurance policy!!!!I thought this was a reputable company..yet this is the treatment I get after 14 years!!!!!


@Mrs T803, thank you for your membership.  I want to have your matter reviewed as soon as possible.  I asked a business specialist to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns.  They will be reaching out to you this week.  Thanks ~ Robert.

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