Just had a quick question and thought that this would be the best place to ask it. I have a 07 Nissan 350z that I really love, but recently I the 370z has caught my eye. I'm still paying on my 350z but wanted to know would it be a smart decision would trade up into a 370z??


If you want the 370z, you need to sell the other car outright rather than trading it. Dealers rarely give you the true value of a car when you trade it in. Place a free ad on AutoTrader and see what type of offers you receive for the 350z.
What about the amount that I still owe on it?
That would be included in the for sale price. For example, the trade in value for the 350z might be $10K, but the private party value of the vehicle could be $12,750. If you owe $6,000 on the vehicle and sell it for $12k, you would pay $6K to the loan company, and you could use the remaining $6K as a down payment on the 370z. However, using the trade in method you would have less to apply toward the 370z.
Ok that does sound better, thanks for your help!
I was in your situation , I had 350Z and then bought 370Z . In my mind they are the same car. Not much has changed. If you really love the new look there are plenty for sale below 25k with low mileage. If you are a serious Z fan and want something that will become a collectors item or at least turn heads and puts you in the true Porsche /super car class buy a Nismo edition. They are rare and you will always be able to get your money back IF!!! You ever don't love it...