I come to you all looking for some advice and maybe from someone who has been in this situation. I currently have a 07 350z which I owe 9k on and I'm looking to get a 15 FR-S. It's a really nice car and is good on gas. My question is should I do it? I was also wondering if I did, should I trade in or just try and sell it myself? My car on kbb for trade in was a little over 9k and private sell was around 11k. I know that leans more towards the selling it myself, which wouldn't be a problem, but still it just numbers generated on the computer. I just need to know if I should go for it or if I should just stick with my Z?
Thanks for your time!!


As an auto dealer for over 15 yrs, I may be able to help. You will always be able to get more for your trade if you sell it yourself. The real question is whether or not you want to bother with the potential buyers that will show up to your home. If they can obtain financing, are they real buyers or just kids who have no ability to buy your Z? The most accurate valuation of your car will come from either Black Book or Manheim Market Report which shows what your specific vehicle is bringing ay the auctions. Remember, tax season and year end new car specials are right around the corner and the FRS is not exactly flying off the lots right now. Hope this helps, but if you want it and can afford it, why not buy it? You probably deserve it.