I had my dodge Durango towed for my tire and I need to get it picked up and submit a claim for it as the cost was 875 thanks. Towed to Davis motors auto body fax number 3206933012 phone 3202907398


Hello @Arclark, I'm sorry to hear about your Dodge Durango and the tire. I hope you are doing well and get your truck back quickly. You can submit a reimbursement claim any time when logged into your account online or the USAA mobile app. Select the Claims option and you'll see the box to click to select the reimbursement option. You'll be able to enter the details of your claim and our team will reach out to you as quickly as possible to discuss more info with you. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions or assist further here. I'm happy to help make the process as smooth as possible. -Lori G

Good luck, I recently filed a claim for reimbursement of towing and was denied. I pay for towing coverage and am having to pay $137.50 out of pocket. USAA does not uphold their policy for towing. Please see my post for further details.