So im just wondering, as a member, why we took our truck to one of usaa's approved shops and it took 6 weeks for the vehicle to be totaled? Why did I have to pay $2000 for a rental? Why did usaa pay Service King close to $4500 for nothing ( no work done besides replacing two front tires)? Why did usaa pay out $[removed sensitive data], totaling my truck, when damages where less than $[removed sensitive data], including the "work" Service King "did"?


Hi Elm, In reviewing your claim, I can see that based on the original estimate the vehicle was repairable but, when the shop started to tear down the vehicle they noticed significantly more damage than they originally saw. This is not uncommon when it comes to vehicle repairs. The vehicle was totaled when our shop took your vehicle to the dealership for them to look at the additional damage. The rental is another matter that I would like to escalate your claim for additional review. This typically takes 1 business day to be reviewed and then you will receive a phone call with the findings. Thank you.