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My husband have spoken highly about usaa , BUT I'm in total disbelief due to the the rudeness I have experienced because we are trying to SAVE our car that's being considered a total loss but 6 shops have given us reasonable prices to repair our vehicle....what are you guys really doing to benefit your customers I haven't been so upset in my entire life! This is absolutely ridiculous! We should have the right to get a estimate and have our car REPAIRED and respected as a loyal customer!! I just can't see how agents could be so rude and disrespectful


Hello Dominic1990. Thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under happier circumstances. Based on your comments about an on-going claims matter and the level of service your have received, I will be escalating this matter to a claims service manager. I have asked that they contact you personally to address your concerns.

Manger plz give me a call asap very highly upset with the whole usaa